baoshan is located at the mouth of the yangtze river. it has a profound educational culture. in the new culture movement period, there were seven universities, including fudan university, china public school and tongji university. many great educators and scholars, such as tao xingzhi, zhu ziqing, wen yiduo, hu shi, shen congwen and yu dafu, managed the universities or taught there. mr. tao xingzhi, an outstanding educator, put his ideals of education into practice here, leaving a wealth of precious thoughts of education.
     baoshan advocates "concern each student’s learning need, and promote each student’s healthy and happy growth”, encourages “learning from tao xingzhi”, optimizes educational resources distribution, strengthens teaching force construction and enriches teaching curricula. as a result, the educational and teaching quality in baoshan improves year by year.
     meanwhile, baoshan focuses on early education, community education and senior education. besides, it keeps improving the learning-oriented area and a lifelong education system, trying to provide the people in baoshan with high-quality education services and make baoshan a modern livable area.
     in terms of both education scale and social concern, baoshan has reached a new historical high now.

the major responsibilities of baoshan education bureau

1. to implement the guiding principles, policies, laws, rules and regulations concerned education. drafting laws, rules and policies with consideration of the actual situation of the district. moreover, putting the relevant legislation, regulations and policies into effect.

2. according to the district's overall planning for economic and social development, proposing a development strategy of the educational reform in baoshan district. to draw up the developing and annual plans for education at all levels and types. to put forward the developing focus, structure, speed, and steps in respect of education. to direct and coordinate the implement of educational programs and plans. to be responsible for the statistics, analysis and release of the educational essential information.

3. to make overall plans and administrative management with reference to pre-school, basic education, higher education, professional technical education and adult education, etc. to plan, coordinate and guide a comprehensive reform on the education system, run school system and teaching.

4. to be responsible for the examining and administrative managing of private educational institutions. to regulate the order and promote healthy development in non-academic credentials education funded by non-government organizations.

5. to scientifically formulate budgets of educational funds, and manage and arrange the use of educational funds according to law.

6. to administrate the enrollment of academic credentials education at different levels; to be responsible for student status administration. to bear the responsibility of management of kindergartens in the district and organize education supervision and assessment.

7. to guide the moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education of all types of schools at different levels. to plan and coordinate the cultural progress of the educational systems. to undertake the daily work of youth protection committee.

8. to make overall plans and guide all types of teachers and administrative cadres at all levels on the professional-ethics-focused constructive work. to supervise the qualification of teachers in a macroscopic manner; to direct and coordinate the organization and implement work of recruiting and appointing system on educational technical posts.

9. to plan, direct and coordinate the school rear-service reform and management. environmental protection and safe work should be guided in a well-coordinated manner. to direct and coordinate schools for migrant workers together with relevant department.

10. to undertake the daily work of baoshan language affairs committee.

11. to undertake other items assigned by the district government.


tel of government information openness office: 66592882

address: no. 158, baoyang road, baoshan district





detailed affairs 

1、to grant teacher's qualification certificate 

2、identification and evaluation of teachers' professional and technical qualities

3、transfer and transient studyof primary and secondary school

4、primary school enrollment

5、kindergarten enrollment application

6、recruitment and personnel mobilization operating procedures

7、measures to deal with the wages of transferred staff

8、household registrationmigration of secondary vocational school freshmen (agricultural households to non-agricultural household registration)

9、bonus point approval of junior high school students talented in p.e. who apply for high school at all levels (within baoshan district)

10、the relevant provisions of the newly established major (subject) of social forces in running schools in shanghai

11、notice of application for running schools by non-governmental sectors (secondary and below secondary non-diploma education) in baoshan district, shanghai

12、recruiting advertisement of running schools by social forces in baoshan district

13、basic conditions for running schools

14、application materials for running schools


work disciplines

1、abiding the law, behaving well, and consciously safeguarding the reputation of the unit

2、administrating according to the law, sticking to the principle, exercising power properly, fulfilling the obligations

3、being polite and patient and maintaining a good image of professional ethics

4、being impartial ,honest and hardworking, adhering to the goal of serving the people

5、being cooperative and helpful, adhering to the principle of democratic centralism

6、being realistic and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, and creating a good working atmosphere


service commitment

1、to ensure children at the age of the compulsory education stage study at the nearest school, and promote balanced development of the compulsory education stage

2、to promote quality education, steadily improve the quality of education, implement curriculum programs, guarantee the set of all courses andguaranteeenough teaching hours

3、to regulate the behavior of running primary and secondary schools, regulate the charges of primary and secondary schools in accordance with the municipal provisions, publicizetelephone numbers for reporting over-charging, accept social supervision. to implement financial assistance to families with financial difficulties.

4、to strengthen enrollment management, process in time the registration, transfer, graduation certificate verification procedures that are in accordance with the regulations of enrollment management.

5、to continue to strengthen the construction of teachers' morality. the teachers are required to be a model of virtue for others, convey knowledge and educate people.corporal punishment or corporal punishment in disguised form is strictly prohibited.

6、to carry out comprehensive management, strengthen the hygiene and safety of food on campus,ensure the safety of teachers and students and a good learning and working environment.


supervision & complaint
letters and visits reception
working days 900-11001330-16 00
66592882working days 8301130 13001700


shanghai baoshan experimental school
shanghai baoshan experimental school
baoshan no.1 central primary school
baoshan no.1 central primary school
shanghai bosva kindergarten
shanghai bosva kindergarten
baoshan xingzhi kindergarten
baoshan xingzhi kindergarten
baoshan hongxing  kindergarten
baoshan hongxing kindergarten
shanghai no.2 xingzhi middle school
shanghai no.2 xingzhi middle school
shanghai xing zhi senior high school
shanghai xing zhi high school
shanghai private hezhong middle school
shanghai private hezhong middle school
shanghai rainbowflower kindergarten
shanghai rainbowflower kindergarten
no.3 central primary school
no.3 central primary schooll
high school affiliated to shanghai university
high school affiliated to shanghai university
baoshan experimental primary school
baoshan experimental primary school
tongzhou model school
shanghai tongzhou model school
shanghai wusong high school
shanghai wusong high school
xu beihong art kindergarten
xu beihong art kindergarten